Banners & Signs

Banners are a must for attracting customers to your business. At AX Digital, we can help you convey your company’s message in an aesthetic manner that will capture your customer’s attention. Using custom full color banners to make a big impression and announce special events, generate excitement and high visibility. According to Marketing Insights, color increases visibility and recall by up to 40%. Digital printing technology has spawned new cost effective ways to print full color banners and achieve maximum impact. Our digital printers print your graphics in a large format, at a sharp resolution and provide great color resolution at a very low price. We also have banner backgrounds and photo clipart or your images that are available for you to combine with text to make your banner. For a free design evaluation you can email us your design or up load for any size of large file in our full color banner options.

Banner Type:

Retractable Banner Display  –  Euro-X Banner Display

The Sirius Retractor is a great economical retractable banner display for light-duty applications. The aluminum and plastic construction provides a durable yet lightweight option for P.O.P. or trade show use. Attaches with snap rails at the top and banner tape on the bottom. Includes a soft carrying case.
•Light Duty applications
•Viewable graphic – 33.5″ wide x 78″ high
•Attach Banner with Snap Rails on Top and Tape Leader Bottom
Includes a nylon carrying case

With a sleek design the Euro-X Banner Display offers added stability with its thicker aluminum back leg. Display set-up is quick and easy by simply securing the support arms into a grommeted banner.
•Fiberglass & aluminum Euro design is extra sturdy yet lightweight
•Banner attaches with #2 grommets in banner corners
•Available in four sizes
Includes soft carrying case
Exhibitor Expanding Display System

Outdoor Horizontal A-Frame

One product with so many uses. The Exhibitor Expanding System telescopes both vertically and horizontally and features a connection system. Show your customers how to create banner displays, advertising towers, room dividers and even complete trade show booths. When they want to refresh their graphics, it creates a repeat business for you. The unit telescopes in height from 36″ to 96″ and in width from 26″ to 48″. Adjustment is as easy as twisting.
•For both vertical & horizontal adjustment
•Viewable graphics – 26″ up to 48″ wide x 36″ up to 96″ high
•Finish banner with pole pockets
•Add a soft carrying case- CCS

Offer your customers the Horizontal A-Frame Display as a versatile way to display messages at sporting or other events when they need to stand out in a crowd. Designed to hold a single or double banner the aluminum frame is quick and easy to assemble. The display includes bungee cords for attaching the banner and ground stakes. All packaged in a convenient nylon carrying case.
•Great for sports teams and schools
•Finish banners with #2 grommets around the banner edges
•Viewable graphics – 94″ wide x 33″ high
Includes nylon carrying case
We have a large selection of OSHA and statutory signs. We have the most commonly used safety signs you might need to comply with today’s health and safety regulations available.
Our signs are quick and easy to use. Simply find the sign you want, press print and you’re done.
We will be expanding our collection of safety signage and if there is something you are looking for and can’t find just let us know and we will try and help you.


Signs Type:

AED Signs
Children Safety Signs
• Cut down emergency response time by clearly marking AED location, so help can be quick in the case of a cardiac arrest.

• Keep your facility compliant with federal laws.

• Choose from a large selection of bright, bold AED Signs and Labels, and make sure everyone always knows where they can find the AED in case of emergency.

• Choose from a variety of Child Safety Signs to warn drivers in driveways and around schools and parks.

• Make sure passing cars drive slowly and cautiously where children are playing.
Truck Signs
Recycling Signs


• Post bold, clear Truck and Vehicle Safety Signs in your receiving and shipping departments to maintain a secure environment for drivers and other workers.

• Make sure wheels are chocked and engines are turned off during loading.

• Protect other drivers on the road from large and difficutlt to maneuver trucks.

• Look through our broad selection of Truck Safety Signs and Labels. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply custom design your own sign for no added charge! Nothing could be easier, and it’s absolutely free!

Recycling is beneficial many ways. It reduces the inputs (energy and raw materials) to a
production system and reduces the amount of waste produced for disposal. This, in turn,
reduces the environmental, social, and
usually the economic costs of manufacturing. The maximum environmental benefit is
gained by waste minimization (reducing the amount of waste produced), and reusing
items in their current form such as refilling bottles.
• Recycling signs and labels provide a friendly reminder in your workplace to
keep it clean and free of litter. Remember, recycling is saving money, too.